Lead poisoning is said to be the top environmental threat to children. It can cause learning disabilities, anti-social behavior, language delay, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, and even death.

Medicaid REQUIRES that children are screened and tested for lead poisoning at the following ages: Blood Testing at 1st and 2nd birthday. Your child’s doctor may also do more lead testing if they decide there is a risk of lead poisoning.

You can call our Outreach Department at 800-905-1722, option 1 and get more details.

MedStar Family Choice has started a new program called MedTox Home Visit Program. This program allows your child to be tested for lead levels if he or she is up to date with all preventive care (well child visits and shots).

In addition to making sure your child is in good health, you will receive a $50 gift card if your child receives their lead screening before 12 months of age.

For more information on lead poisoning and prevention, contact the Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning at 800-370-5323, or visit www.greenandhealthyhomes.org.

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