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It’s time to make a choice about your Maryland HealthChoice (Medicaid) benefits. If you are eligible for Maryland Medicaid, there are several ways to enroll with MedStar Family Choice:

MedStar Family Choice works with the State of Maryland to provide health care to Medicaid recipients through the Maryland HealthChoice Program. Enrollment is year-round, so you can enroll at any time.

Enrolling with MedStar Family Choice will give you access to MedStar Health, the region’s largest healthcare system, with 5,000 physicians located near you.

After signing up with Maryland HealthChoice, don’t forget to select MedStar Family Choice as your Managed Care Organization (MCO).

MedStar Family Choice is part of the Maryland HealthChoice Program and the Maryland Children’s Health Program.

HealthChoice is a program of the Maryland Department of Health.