Interoperability - Understanding what it means to you

MedStar Family Choice is committed to having our members have ease of access when it comes to managing digital health care data.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) enacted the Interoperability and Patient Access Rule (CMS Interoperability Rule) in 2020. This allows you to see your health data on a 3rd party health application (app). This process makes it easier for you to access your health records whenever and wherever you want.

What is Interoperability? 

"Interoperability" may look confusing – but the definition is simple. Interoperability means to have a clear and transparent understanding of your health care. With this approach, any doctor, hospital, insurance company or any other health care system that has your health information can collaborate to make sure your health history is shared across all organizations. This means any doctor you see can have a better picture of your health and can deliver more personalized care, at a lower cost.

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