For Maryland HealthChoice Providers

New Federal Rules

New Federal rules require that MCO providers enroll with the MCO’s state Medicaid agency. To continue to render Medicaid reimbursable services, you must enroll with the Maryland Medical Assistance Program (Medicaid), even if your practice will be providing services only to HealthChoice participants. As an existing MedStar Family Choice provider, you are required to enroll through ePREP. Effective April 1, 2019, MedStar Family Choice will not accept any new provider credentialing applications without a Maryland Medicaid provider number. To make this process easier for your practice, the Maryland Department of Health has implemented a new self-service electronic Provider Revalidation and Enrollment Portal (ePREP). ePREP is now the one-stop shop for provider enrollment and demographic changes. Please visit to submit your enrollment application or create an account linked to your existing enrollment. Click here for more information.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

A listing of guidelines for a variety of conditions.

Pharmacy Information

Learn about MFC's Formulary and authorizations.

Access Claim Portal

Obtain information on the status of your claims.

Information current as of: 10/07/20