HealthChoice is Maryland's Medicaid managed care program. Overseen by the Maryland Department of Health (MDH), the HealthChoice program serves over 500,000 individuals. These individuals are enrolled in one of the participating managed care organizations (MCOs). Currently, MedStar Family Choice has approximately 90,000 members in the State of Maryland. Each MCO has policies and procedures that providers who deliver services to recipients must adhere to. Any questions a provider has about the policies of individual MCOs should be addressed by the provider information supplied by the MCO they participate in.

While each HealthChoice MCO has its own policies and procedures, many program elements apply to all providers, regardless of the MCO. The purpose of the manual is to explain those elements and be a useful reference for providers who participate in the HealthChoice program.

The MedStar Family Choice Provider Manual advises you about the MedStar Family Choice Managed Care Organization, including its policies and procedures relative to providing care. It also contains useful contact information to assist our network providers and their staffs.

Click here to download the currently effective MedStar Family Choice Maryland HealthChoice Provider Manual.

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