As a provider, it is important to follow the Lead Testing Schedule as it applies to Medicaid recipients. As per Federal and Maryland state law, it is the responsibility of healthcare providers to ensure that all applicable children receiving Medicaid get:

  • A blood lead level performed at ages 12 and 24 months
  • A lead risk assessment survey completed at EVERY well-child visit from age six months to six years
  • A blood level check for any patient with any item positive on a lead risk assessment survey

In order to help providers meet these mandates, there are a few options for having the lead levels for MedStar Family Choice Members tested. Providers may use LabCorp, MedTox and CLIA Waived Devices.

LabCorp: Lead testing supplies can be ordered at no cost. These supplies are listed on the LabCorp requisition form. When a Pediatric Lead test is ordered it requires a Tan top tube. When an Adult Lead test is ordered it requires a Royal Blue tube. Specimens are then sent to LabCorp for testing.

MedTox: Effective January 25, 2012, PCP providers can use MedTox for MFC members. MedTox will provide filter paper lead supplies and pre-assembled comprehensive collection kits to providers at no charge. Postage paid and pre-addressed envelopes are included in the kits. Once the samples are sent to MedTox, the results are reported back to the provider and the state within 72 hours. Account set up can be completed by faxing the attached Account Set-up form to Mark Johnson at 651-633-1071 or by calling 888-834-8315.

CLIA Waived Devices: Effective November 27, 2011, PCP providers who purchased and are using CLIA waived devices for blood-lead testing (CPT 83655) can bill MedStar Family Choice when testing MFC Members in the physician’s office. Reimbursement for CPT code 83655 is paid at the MedStar Family Choice fee schedule.

Please contact MedStar Family Choice Provider Relations at 800-905-1722 or fax to 855-600-3077 with questions and or inquiries.

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