You may check claims status online 24/7. Register for access here.

For additional information on the status of your claims, please call our Provider Customer Service Line at 800-261-3371, which is available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

A new feature for claims look-up is that each office will initially register for a master account and then register all other users in their office as subaccounts. Subaccounts will allow multiple users to share the same web portal access without sharing the same user name and password. The employee who is registered as the master account will be responsible for activating and deactivating employee logins.

All identifying information needed for registration must exactly match the information in our database. Therefore, we recommend that offices have an EOB to refer to for accurate data input of Provider Name, ID and Address information. 

At this time, users will have the option to register as a:

  • Facility: This option allows access to provider information associated with that medical facility (i.e., users will only be able to view facility charges).

  • Payee: This option allows access to all providers and locations associated with the payee. This is the recommended option if offices wish to view all professional claims billed from multiple office locations as well as professional charges related to facilities that are associated with the payee’s information.

  • Location: This option allows access to provider information for one physical location or clinic. Each location will need to be registered separately.

  • Provider: This option allows access to only one provider’s information (i.e., the provider’s name used for the initial registration).

After registration is complete, users can set up subaccounts for other employees. To set up subaccounts:

  • Click on the “Setup > Subaccounts” tab

  • Click “Create New Subaccount”

    • In the Create Subaccount window, enter the name and email address of the new user. (System-generated messages, such as password reset messages, are sent to the email address that you enter for this user. Users can change their name and email address later in the “My Profile” tab, once they log in.)

    • Enter an initial username and password for the user. (Users can change their passwords later in the “Change Password” tab, once they log in.)

  • Click “Save.” The new account is created and added to the Subaccounts tab, where it can be edited, locked, or unlocked. (The subaccount user has the same web portal access as the master account, including access to patient rosters, billed amount lists, and attached documents.)

For additional help, providers can contact Provider Customer Service at 800-261-3371 and/or MedStar Family Choice Provider Relations at
800-905-1722, option 5 to request assistance.

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