Wellness Incentives

MedStar Family Choice cares about your health. It is very important that you and the members of your family get your yearly physical exams. Because we feel your health is so important, we offer many gift card incentives to support your wellness screenings. Screening tests and immunizations (shots) are important in keeping you and your family healthy. Without screening tests, you may have a health problem that isn’t found. Don’t worry because MedStar Family Choice is here to help you!

Our dedicated Outreach department can help you and your family with scheduling any of the following appointments with your doctor. Once you or your child completes one of the services listed below, you could be eligible to receive a gift card. 

  • Yearly physicals
  • Well Child visits
  • Lead testing
  • Mammograms
  • Pap smears
  • Diabetic testing
  • Prenatal appointments

After completing one or more wellness appointments, you can provide the information via our online voucher form to receive gift cards. For prenatal incentives, members must enroll in the Momma & Me program to receive gift cards. Once enrolled in the Momma & Me program, members can complete the online Momma & Me voucher form.

For additional information or assistance, please call our Outreach Department at 410-933-2200, option 1.

Information current as of: 06/24/20