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Part of the Maryland HealthChoice Program and the Maryland Children’s Health Program

At MedStar Family Choice, we know how important your family’s health is to you. That’s why we work so hard to make sure that you and your family get the kind of care you want and deserve. Your primary care physician will work with you to manage all of your health care needs. When needed, your primary care doctor can refer you to one of our 600 specialists. With so many doctors to choose from, MedStar Family Choice makes it easy for you to find a doctor that will meet your needs and can help you pick a doctor that is right for you.

Medical Benefits

MedStar Family Choice is dedicated to providing all the medical services you and your family need at convenient locations throughout the region.

Complete range of services
Under MedStar Family Choice, you have access to a wide range of medical services. Members have a $0 co-pay when receiving healthcare services and prescriptions within our network. Learn more.

Some of our medical services that we provide at no cost to you include:

  • Routine doctor visits and annual exams
  • Well-baby and well-child care
  • Immunizations for your children
  • Emergency and Urgent Care
  • Care throughout your pregnancy
  • Breast cancer screenings including mammograms

Dental Care
General dentistry services are provided to members 21 years of age and over. You will be eligible for an exam and cleaning every six months, as well as x-rays and fillings. Learn more.

Vision Care
We offer vision care for members under 21 and to adults. This includes annual exams and one pair of glasses per year. Learn more.

Wide selection of pharmacy benefits
MedStar Family Choice offers a large selection of approved medications in order to meet the needs to our members. Learn more.

Additional Member Benefits

Health education classes and support groups
MedStar Family Choice offers a variety of health education classes, community events and supports groups to our members that focuses on a range of important health care topics. Learn more.

Transportation services
We offer transportation services to your doctor when it is medically necessary and you have no other way of getting there. Learn more.

New Member Enrollment

If you are interested in enrolling in MedStar Family Choice, please call the enrollment line at 800-977-7388.

View our benefit summary grid to learn if your healthcare expense requires a co-pay.

Information current as of: 08/30/19