Welcome DC Healthcare Alliance Enrollee

Thank you for choosing MedStar Family Choice-DC as your trusted healthcare provider!

Open Enrollment Period ended December 31, 2020. Starting January 1, 2021, enrollees are expected to receive care from
in-network providers.

Enrollees who have not selected a primary care provider (PCP) and/or primary dental provider (PDP) prior to the end of open enrollment will be assigned a PCP and/or PDP and in January will receive new ID cards in the mail. 

As a new enrollee, there are a few important steps to take.

Choose your Primary Care Provider (PCP) and Primary Dental Provider (PDP) by:

  • Calling Enrollee Services at 888-404-3549 (for a primary care provider)
  • Calling Avesis at 844-391-6678 (for a primary dental provider)

To find a list of doctors in the MedStar Family Choice-DC network, visit our Find A Provider website.

Call the MedStar Family Choice-DC Outreach Department at 855-798-4244 for help:

  • Understanding your medical benefits and support services
  • Completing the health risk assessment
  • Scheduling doctor visits for you or family members
  • Accessing health information, education, and other resources

Read the DC Healthcare Alliance Enrollee Handbook (Spanish version and Amharic version) to learn about your rights, responsibilities, benefits, and more! 

Please download Adobe Reader if you are having problems viewing the PDF.

Read our Newsletter—The MedStar Family Choice-DC Enrollee Newsletter contains information about benefits and services, as well as general topics of interest for leading a healthy lifestyle.

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Summer 2021 Enrollee Newsletter (Spanish)
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Spring 2021 Enrollee Newsletter (Spanish)
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Information current as of: 09/03/21