Member Survey Results

The State of Maryland Department of Health (MDH) contracts with the Center for Study of Services (CSS), a National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)-certified survey vendor, to administer and report the results of the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) 5.0H Adult Medicaid Survey. The purpose of the survey is to assess members’ experience with MedStar Family Choice.

MedStar Family Choice reviews the survey results annually. Based on MedStar Family Choice's results, the Quality Improvement Department recommends the following interventions to improve member experience.

Proposed Interventions for 2018

  • Vestica will conduct audits of staff performance on calls and everyday functions of their Customer Service Staff and continue to submit results to MFC. MFC will begin call audit calibration meetings to ensure quality of customer service is being provided to members. This effort will address the Rating of Health Plan measure and target enhancing information and the help that members receive when they contact MFC.
  • MFC management will work with Vestica management to identify training issues with staff. Vestica will continue to submit to MFC reports of their training activities.  This addresses the Rating of Health Care measure. With the implementation of this intervention the goal is to improve the quality of information and customer service provided.
  • Vestica management and MFC management will hold webinars as needed for staff to address questions/concerns regarding Identifi and workflow processes. These webinars will be held after close of business between MFC Outreach and Vestica Customer Staff. With the implementation of this intervention the goal is to improve the quality of customer service provided, which will target the Customer Service measure.
  • The Quality Improvement Department will develop articles for the member newsletter that will attempt to educate our members on the recruitment efforts being made for specialty services and primary care and to educate members on the industry standards for acceptable wait times for new appointments.
  • Provider relations will continue to recruit specialty physicians on an ongoing basis. With the implementation of this intervention the goal is to improve the member’s access to specialty services.
  • MFC began a marketing campaign to specifically target members related to CAHPS® surveys. The campaign included a mailer, additional website content, and newsletter articles designed to stress the successes of MFC related to specific CAHPS® measures. The script members hear when calling MFC informs member of the CAPHS® survey distribution and explains the importance of member feedback to the health plan. Additionally, there was a Televox campaign that included the same information sent to all MFC members. The timing of the campaign coincided with CAHPS® survey timeline.
  • MFC will continue to include an article for the member newsletter that touches on the many positive features of the health plan to include a large number of providers, a nurse advice line, in-home lab testing, etc.
  • MFC will work toward creating a more positive image by sharing member success stories regularly in the member newsletters and the MFC website.
  • MFC will reach out to the physician responsible for MedStar Medical Group (MMG) locations in an effort to collaborate and facilitate the sharing of information, including CAHPS® results. This could be the first step in developing a joint effort focused on the care of MFC members.
  • MFC will work internally to better coordinate projects related to CAHPS®. Combining efforts across multiple departments and sharing information will result in improved efficiency and better developed interventions.
  • MFC will explore contracting with CSS to perform monthly member satisfaction surveys within designated regions. This will allow us to collect data specific to certain geographic locations allowing us to identify issues and develop targeted interventions based on population needs.

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Information current as of: 09/18/19