Momma & Me

Staying healthy for mothers-to-be

If you are a MedStar Family Choice member and fewer than 28 weeks pregnant, you are eligible for the Momma & Me program. Benefits include the opportunity to earn more than $200 in gift cards—all you have to do is keep your scheduled appointments at your OB doctor!

Pregnant members can receive a $100 gift card if they enroll in the Momma & Me program and complete their first prenatal appointment within the first three months of their pregnancy. Additionally, Momma & Me provides educational materials and support information to program participants.

Please call 410-933-3057 or 410-933-7255 for more information.

To qualify for the Momma & Me Program, members must be less than 28 weeks pregnant. To apply for enrollment in the Momma & Me Program, please submit the requested information in the form below. Someone will reach out to complete the enrollment process.

Information current as of: 12/02/20