Benefits FAQ

MedStar Family Choice wants to know what you think. In the next couple of weeks you may receive a satisfaction survey in the mail. If you do, please take the time to complete it and let us know how we are doing. Thank you.

How can a member get a new card?

To order a new card, contact MedStar Family Choice Member Services at 1-888-404-3549.

How can a member find local doctors?

Contact MedStar Family Choice Member Services at 1-888-404-3549, or in the Provider Directory on this site.

How can a member change their doctor (primary care provider)?

To change your doctor (primary care provider), call MedStar Family Choice Member Services at 1-888-404-3549, and they’ll have a new card with your new doctor listed within 10 days. Members can also change their doctor (primary care provider) by logging into the Online Benefits Portal.

Can a member see a new doctor before receiving a new card?

Yes, a member may use his/her current card until the updated card is received by mail.

Are referrals needed for substance abuse or vision providers?

No, members may see these providers for routine visits without the need for a referral.

How can I get transportation?

See Transportation Guidelines.

Information current as of: 02/26/18