Member Benefits

For a few special services you have to be of a certain age or have a certain kind of problem, we will never charge you for any of the healthcare services we provide. Currently, there are no co-pays for services provided by MedStar Family Choice. You may be charged a co-pay for services or drugs that are provided by the Maryland Department of Health and are not the responsibility of MedStar Family Choice. You will be notified of any changes related to co-pays before the change takes effect.

Your MedStar Family Choice membership entitles you to the following benefits:

Other information about benefits:

Click here for a listing of services that require a referral or approval from MedStar Family Choice before getting the service.

Once completed and signed, this form authorizes the release of your medical records and use of your protected health information to a new doctor or another provider.

The Member Web Portal allows members to change their doctor (primary care provider), check claims status, request a new or replacement ID card, change personal information, and more.

The MedStar Family Choice team also consists of nurses and social workers ready to help you coordinate your care. Learn more on the Case Management, Utilization Management, and Outreach webpage.

Information current as of: 09/04/19