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MedStar Family Choice is a Managed Care Organization (MCO) servicing the HealthChoice and Maryland Children' s Health recipients in Maryland. As a MCO, MedStar Family Choice provides health insurance. Individuals who are eligible for Maryland Medical Assistance members or the Maryland Children's Health Program may select MedStar Family Choice as their MCO. Currently, MedStar Family Choice services Baltimore City, Baltimore County, St. Mary's County and parts of Anne Arundel, Harford and Montgomery counties.

As of October 1, 2017, the MedStar Family Choice contract to provide Medicaid services to residents in the District of Columbia has ended. However, the DC Provider pages are still live:

DC Healthy Families - DC Healthy Families is for families with children under age 19 and for pregnant women who live in the District of Columbia. Families must be below certain income thresholds to qualify.

DC Healthcare Alliance - The DC HealthCare Alliance program offers medical assistance to District residents who do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare, or do not have any other health insurance. Individuals do not have be be a U.S. citizen to qualify.

MedStar Medicare Choice

MedStar Medicare Choice is a Medicare Advantage plan that will be offered to District of Columbia residents who are eligible for Medicare. The plan will become effective 1/1/13. This will be a HMO product with a Part D prescription plan benefit.

MedStar Select

MedStar Select is a health benefit plan for MedStar associates and their dependents. This new commercial product will be offered to MedStar's nearly 37,000 covered lives beginning January 1, 2013. MedStar Select is a PPO benefit design featuring MedStar physicians and hospitals as well as our key community clinical partners. MedStar Select covers the greater Baltimore and Washington DC regions as well as Southern Maryland. We designed this plan to be patient-centered and physician-driven, with support for participating providers through innovative, coordinated care programs to assist providers with their more complex patients.

Information current as of: 08/30/19