Provider Resources

MedStar Family Choice-DC  Provider Manual

The MedStar Family Choice-DC Provider Manual provides information on the DC Healthy Families and DC Healthcare Alliance programs, the requirements of an MCO, and the requirements of providers participating in MedStar Family Choice-DC.

Quick Reference Guide

For MedStar Family Choice-DC contact numbers and information about pre-authorizations.

Provider Education Orientation Slides

New providers can find a variety of details about MedStar Family Choice-DC in this training as well as department contact information.

Cultural Diversity Training

You can satisfy your cultural diversity training requirements by taking the education courses here.

Provider Access and Availability Requirements

Learn your requirements regarding member appointments and timeframes, and coverage for after hours.

CLAS Standards Toolkit

View the guide to implementing the National CLAS Standards.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

A listing of clinical practice guidelines for a variety of conditions.

DC IVR-EVS Brochure

D.C. False Claims Act


This program is funded in part by the Government of the District of Columbia Department of Health Care Finance.
Information current as of: 09/29/20