Notice of Privacy Practices

With your enrollment packet, you received a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices. This important document includes:

  • How MedStar Family Choice-DC may use and disclose your medical information
  • How you can access this information
  • How to report a complaint if you feel your privacy has been violated

You may call to request a copy of the Notice of Privacy Practices by calling Enrollee Services at 888-404-3549

For your protection, MedStar Family Choice-DC has policies to make sure that your protected health information is safe. These policies explain how we protect oral (verbal), written, or electronic protected health information. Before talking about your protected health information with anyone over the phone, we verify the identity of the caller and make sure the caller has the authority to know this information.  Within our company, we make sure that any discussions about our enrollees’ protected health information occur in a way that only those individuals who need to be involved in the discussions will hear them. MedStar Family Choice-DC also makes certain that we secure all written (paper) or electronic protected health information. Paper documents are kept in secure locations. Electronic information is protected with a password and encryption, including information on portable devices. Only staff enrollees who must have access to your information to perform their jobs have access. When using your information, only the minimum amount needed is used.


This program is funded in part by the Government of the District of Columbia Department of Health Care Finance.
Information current as of: 09/17/20