The MedStar Family Choice-DC Outreach team is here for you!
Please give us a call at 855-798-4244.

Our Outreach team includes Wellness Care Coordinators who welcome enrollees to MedStar Family Choice-DC, assist with health concerns, schedule routine and preventative doctors visits, and provide health education. Our representatives also work on specific quality initiatives such as diabetic care, immunizations, well-child visits, dental visits, pre-natal and postpartum care, and other women’s health issues.

If you are a new enrollee with MedStar Family Choice-DC, your welcome letter will contain information on how to contact the Outreach Department so we can review your health benefits in detail. At this time, we can also assist you in scheduling a visit with your primary care physician. If we do not hear from you as a result of our letter, you will receive a phone call from us reminding you to give us a call. It is very important that you are aware of all of the services you are entitled to receive under your new health plan and that you see your doctor as soon as possible after you become a MedStar Family Choice-DC enrollee.

Throughout the year you may receive reminder letters telling you it is time to schedule appointments for various preventive healthcare services. Our Wellness Care Coordinators may contact you if we see that you or your child is behind in receiving necessary preventive healthcare visits. We may contact you through the mail or by a telephone call. In some instances, you may receive an automated call from us reminding you to schedule an appointment for a preventive service. If you receive a call or letter from us about scheduling an appointment, we can help you schedule this with your doctor. Just give us a call!

If you are contacted by our Outreach Department, please call us back as soon as possible so that we may assist you with all of your healthcare needs. You may reach us at 855-798-4244 Monday through Friday 8:00  a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

The After Hours Nurse Line (855-798-3540) is open 24/7  for any urgent issue.


This program is funded in part by the Government of the District of Columbia Department of Health Care Finance.
Information current as of: 09/21/20