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The Maryland Healthy Kids/EPSDT Program is for children 0-21 years. The program makes sure Medicaid children are receiving quality health care. During 2015 the Healthy Kids Division of the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) performed EPSDT audits. They were done on providers who see Medicaid members. The Healthy Kids nurses review medical records. They look to see if children received EPSDT services. These are services entitled to them under federal and state guidelines. Each doctor receives an individual score. Then, all of the reviews are put together and sorted by Managed Care Organization.

Each Managed Care Organization receives a total score for the chart reviews done on their members. Managed Care Organization’s must receive a total of 80% to pass. There are five areas that make up the total score. MedStar Family Choice scored a 90%. Our score was 1% more than the Managed Care Organization average. Here is our breakdown:

  • 93% in Health and Development History
  • 94% in Comprehensive Physical Exam
  • 93% in Health Education/Anticipatory Guidance
  • 81% in Laboratory Test/At-Risk Screenings
  • 82% in Immunizations

MedStar Family Choice wants your child to visit their doctor every year. At their Well Child visit the doctor can make sure they get everything they need. They will make sure children under 2 get their lead test. They will make sure all children have their shots. MedStar Family Choice will continue to remind them how important it is for your overall healthcare. If your doctor does order lab tests for you or your child, it is very important that you go to the lab to have your blood drawn as quickly as you can.

Information current as of: 07/25/17