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Dental Benefits

General dentistry including regular and emergency treatment for children under 21 years of age and pregnant women is offered through the State of Maryland. Dental services are provided by the Maryland Healthy Smiles Dental Program administered by Scion Dental. If you are eligible for the Dental Services Program, you will receive information and a dental card from Scion Dental. If you have not received your dental ID card or have questions about your dental benefits, call the Maryland Healthy Smiles Dental program at 855-934-9812.

MedStar Family Choice provides adult dental services. The dental benefits you can get if you are age 21 and older are:

  • Dental exam and cleaning every six months
  • X-rays
  • Fillings

Effective April 1, 2015, MedStar Family Choice is pleased to announce that your dental benefits now include extractions for non-pregnant adults age 21 and older. This includes the removal of an impacted tooth and surgical removal of the tooth root. Your dentist may need to get approval before he or she gives you this service.

Contact DentaQuest for specific exclusions. DentaQuest can help you find a dentist. They can also tell you if your dentist is in the network. You can contact DentaQuest at 888-308-2489. Please note that a new id Card will not be issued.

For treatment for children under 21 years of age and pregnant women, please contact Scion Dental at 855-934-9812.

Information current as of: 01/19/16