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Provider Relations

The MedStar Family Choice Provider Relations Department values our Provider Network, and our staff is available to assist network providers with education, inquiries, questions, problems and other concerns.

MedStar Family Choice Provider Relations Representatives work very closely with our providers to keep you informed about MedStar Family Choice MCO and our provider network. We also provide orientations for all new providers and refresher orientations for current providers.

Representatives conduct site evaluations every three years on all participating provider offices. Site evaluations may be repeated before the three year period if we receive member complaints regarding an office location.

In addition, representatives are available to assist providers with credentialing, demographic updates and provider terminations. We also drop by our network provider offices to deliver updates and assist with any MedStar Family Choice concerns.

Contact Us

The Provider Relations Department is available to take your calls Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on the MedStar Family Choice Provider Telephone Line at 855-210-6203 or email us at [email protected]. You may also fax us at 202-243-5496. Phone messages and faxes received after hours will be addressed during the next business day.

Please call us at this number for the following inquiries:

  • To obtain a member roster (each PCP office is mailed a monthly roster)
  • To verify provider participation with MedStar Family Choice
  • To voice a member concern
  • To obtain MedStar Family Choice Provider Manuals and other reference materials
  • To learn about submitting claims electronically
  • To assist with any questions or concerns you have regarding MedStar Family Choice

Have questions? Call us!

Referral and Authorization Questions
Management Dept.

fax: 202-243-5496

Claim Information
Processing Center
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Outreach Dept.
fax: 202-243-5495

Call your representative directly, or call the main Provider Relations number at 855-210-6203.

Information current as of: 05/19/17