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Keeping You and Your Family Healthy

Before your baby is born...

Momma & Me
Learn about our incentive program for keeping your prenatal doctor appointments!

After your child arrives...

We Care
Incentive program for check-ups for new mom and baby. Sign up while you're expecting.

As they grow....

Well Child Care Schedule (PDF)
Follow this recommended timetable for raising a healthy child from birth through adolescence.

Childhood Immunization Schedule (PDF)
Find out what steps to take for your child's immunization throughout childhood.

And as a healthy adult...

Adult Preventive Care Schedule (PDF)
Follow this recommended timetable to help ensure you stay a healthy adult.

Mammograms and Pap Smears
Schedule a mammogram and pap smear and stay aware of your own health needs.

Health and Wellness Portal

MedStar Family Choice Healthy Life

Information current as of: 08/04/15