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Benefits FAQ

How can a member get a new card?

To order a new card, contact MedStar Family Choice Member Services at 1-888-404-3549.

How can a member find local doctors?

Contact MedStar Family Choice Member Services at  1-888-404-3549, or in the Provider Directory on this site.

How can a member change doctors?

To change doctors, call MedStar Family Choice Member Services at 1-888-404-3549, and they’ll have a new card with your new doctor listed within 10 days.

Can a member see a new doctor before receiving a new card?

Yes, a member may use his/her current card until the updated card is received by mail.

Are referrals needed for behavioral health or vision providers?

No, members may see these providers for routine visits without the need for a referral.

How can I get transportation?

See Transportation Guidelines for D.C. Healthy Families.

What hospitals can I go?

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, MedStar Washington Hospital Center, Howard University Hospital, and United Medical Center.

Do I need a referral to see a specialist?

To see a specialist MedStar Family Choice requires a referral from your PCP. This allows MedStar Family Choice to ensure that our members receive the proper care or treatment.

Does MedStar Family Choice provide transportation to my appointment?

Yes, MedStar Family Choice provides transportation to and from medical appointments. To schedule transportation to your doctor please call 866-208-7357.

As a MedStar Family Choice Member where can I go to have my prescriptions filled?

MedStar Family Choice has several local pharmacies in-network including CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, Giant, Safeway, and MedStar pharmacies.

What if I am unsure about the level of care needed to treat an illness or injury?

Our 24/7 nurse advice line can help direct you to the care you need any time of the day or night. Call us at 855-210-6204.

Information current as of: 05/31/17