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Behavioral Health Benefits

Members in the DC Healthy Families program can access mental health services at any time by contacting Beacon Health Options Member Services at 877-398-0124. Do you need help getting into care? You may call to arrange for services or find a provider 24 hours a day/7 days per week. You can get up to 10 mental health appointments without a referral. We can also help put you in contact with substance abuse providers in your area.

Beacon Health Options Member News

Behavioral Health Member Messenger Newsletter is Available for MedStar Family Choice DC Members

Beacon Health Options, North Carolina Engagement Center (NCEC), your Behavioral Health/Substance Use Disorder provider, serves to provide vital information about quality improvements, care and services. The information covers things such as member rights, consumer best practices, coordinating care, after care follow-up, healthcare management, confidentiality, utilization decision making, customer service, contact information and language services.

To read the Member Messenger Newsletter, visit, click the resources drop-down box and then click the MedStar DC Member Messenger Newsletter. For a printed version, call the Beacon Health Options NCEC Quality Department at 866-719-6032.

The Beacon Achieve Solutions website is available for MedStar DC members. Here you will find important information and topics about your health for you and your family such as: family care and education, health and wellness, screening tools, self-assessments and much, much more. You must have an internet connection to access this service. If you need help logging in, please contact Beacon Health Options Member Services at 877-398-0124.

Information current as of: 05/30/17