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Pharmacy Benefits

Pharmacy Services and Prescription Drugs

Pharmacies are where you pick up your medicine (drugs). If your doctor gives you a prescription, you must go to a pharmacy in the D.C. Healthcare Alliance network. See your Provider Directory for a listing.

The D.C. Healthcare Alliance Formulary (medication) is the list of drugs that are approved for D.C. Alliance Healthcare members. The list has a very wide selection in order to ensure that we can meet the many healthcare needs of our members.

You can get your medications from the following locations: (List of pharmacies). There will be a change in the pharmacies you can get your prescriptions.

If you would like us to consider your non-formulary medication, please click here.

  • Effective July 1, 2017, the MedStar Family Choice Plan Drug Benefit will change. Lantus® and Levemir® insulin will no longer be available on our list of covered drugs. There are two other insulins your doctor can choose as alternatives. Click here for more information.

To see a full list of recent changes to medications covered by MedStar Family Choice, click on this Recent Formulary Changes link.

To get a prescription filled:

  • Pick a pharmacy that is part of the D.C. Healthcare Alliance network and is close to your work or home.
  • When you have a prescription, go to the pharmacy and give the pharmacist your member ID card.
  • If you need help, please call 888-404-3549.

NOTE: Starting in April 2017, members will be required to fill behavioral health medications (listed in the link below) at the Core Service Agency / Department of Behavioral Health Pharmacy. The pharmacy is located at 35 K Street NE, Washington, DC. The pharmacy is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm. Prescriptions received before 4:15 pm will be filled the same day. The telephone number for the pharmacy is (202) 442-4954.

 Click on this sentence for more information and a detailed list of behavioral health medications.

Things to remember:

  • You should not be asked to pay for your medicines. Call MedStar Family Choice Member Services if the pharmacy or drug store asks you to pay.
  • Sometimes your doctor may need to get permission from MedStar Family Choice for a drug that is not on the Alliance formulary. In the event the Alliance pharmacy is closed and you need to fill your prescription after hours, contact MedStar Family Choice Member Services at 888-404-3549 or the After Hours Nurse Help Line at 855-210-6203 for permission to obtain your medication at an alternate pharmacy. You may be able to get the medication for up to 72 hours or for one full round of the medicine if you take it less than once a day.
  • If you are going out of town, get your prescriptions filled before you go. MedStar Family Choice will not pay for medicines at out-of-town pharmacies.

MedStar Family Choice Formulary

View the lists of drugs covered by MedStar Family Choice:

Information current as of: 07/06/17