Need Assistance?  Call  1-888-404-3549

How can a member get a new card?

To order a new card, contact MedStar Family Choice Member Services at 1-888-404-3549.

How can a member find local doctors?

Contact MedStar Family Choice Member Services at 1-888-404-3549, or in the Provider Directory on this site.

How can a member change doctors?

To change doctors, call MedStar Family Choice Member Services at 1-888-404-3549, and they’ll have a new card with your new doctor listed within 10 days.

Can a member see a new doctor before receiving a new card?

Yes, a member may use his/her current card until the updated card is received by mail.

How can I get transportation?

For D.C. Alliance members, only emergency transportation to in-network providers is a covered service.

What hospitals can I go to?

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, MedStar Washington Hospital Center, Howard University Hospital, and United Medical Center.

Do I need a referral to see a specialist?

To see a specialist MedStar Family Choice requires a referral from your PCP. This allows MedStar Family Choice to ensure that our members receive the proper care or treatment.

What if I am unsure about the level of care needed to treat an illness or injury?

Our 24/7 nurse advice line can help direct you to the care you need any time of the day or night. Call us at 855-210-6204.

  • To speak with a nurse about care for an illness or injury
  • To listen to the audio health library and learn about health conditions that may concern you or your family
Information current as of: 05/31/17